Plum Paper 2021 Planner

What Planner Are You Using This Year?

This is my fourth year using a customized paper planner from Plum Paper. Additionally I am using a digital planner called Life Journal from Gospel Focused for personal things.

Plum Paper 2021 Planner
My 2021 planner from Plum Paper

Features of My Favorite Work Planner

Choice of sizes

5.8 x 8.3, 7 x 9 (my choice) and 8.5 x 11 (my first one).

These features are automatically included in each planner no matter the size:

  • Year at a glance
  • Special Dates
  • Ideas, plans, and goals
  • Front of Tab – solid color; you could place pictures here to personalize
  • Back of Tab – 3 circles at the top of the page to use for whatever you wish. I use for top goals for the month. Below that is a place to add birthdays, events, things to remember and two customizable lists
  • Monthly Spread
  • Dotted Notes pages
  • Contacts Page – you can add extra
  • Passwords page – you can add extra
  • Double sided pocket

Choice of binding and Covers

I love how I can choose what design will be on the font and back cover as well as a favorite quote, your name, etc. I have my first name and the year.

They offer 3 binding options:

  1. Metal Coil Binding (what I use)
  2. Disc Punch (discs not included)
  3. Not Bound or Punched

Choice of Layouts

Over 15 different layout options with further customizations possible.

Planner next week
This is what next week looks like so far…
  • Vertical
    • Vertical Priorities – this is the one I use
    • Morning Evening Planner
    • Morning-Afternoon-Evening
    • Hourly
    • Vertical Columns
  • Horizontal
    • Two-sided days
    • Horizontal priorities
    • Notes and Days
  • Monthly
    • Tabbed monthly
    • Simple monthly
  • Daily
    • 12-month daily
    • 6-month daily
  • Grid
    • Full week grid
    • Monday through Friday grid
  • Teacher
    • Preschool + Kindergarten
    • Elementary School
    • Middle + High School
    • Homeschool
      Each includes loads of sections useful for each type plus 3 different layouts.
  • Student
    • Elementary School – lots of helpful pages in back
    • Middle + High School
    • College
  • Personal Financial Planners
    • Ultimate Financial Planner
    • Vertical Financial Planner
    • Horizontal Financial Planner

Choose Your Start Month

Purchase after January? No problem! You can choose your start month and the number of months in your planner!

Section Add-ons

They offer lots of different options like Home Planning, Business, Lifestyle & Education.⁣⁣ My first planner had a meal planning section, a fitness section, a blog planner. Now I only use the Social Media Add-on.

The business Section Add-ons you could include are blog planning, brainstorm, social media, photography and direct sales. The Dispersed Add-ons for Businesses include dispersed blog planning pages, dispersed mileage pages, Dispersed meetings pages and dispersed direct sales pages. The choices for Tabbed Page Add-ons include: Meetings, Contacts, Party Pages, and Mileage Tracker.

I probably should have included the dispersed blog planning pages!

Other Extras

My planner for this year has displerse To-Do pages at the end of each month.

You can have no holidays include or add holidays and special dates. I have the standard US holidays. (You get to select which ones to include!)

They also offer sticker pages that can be moved after placing. I got the standard and social sets this year.

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