Get your dream website up and running in a weekend!


Are you:

… pulling your hair out and giving up on that DIY website because it is too frustrating?

… losing time and customers because your new website is taking weeks—even months—to complete?

.. getting stressed about whether your current website will take your online business to that next level you can clearly picture in your head? 

It used to take months to build a website, but imagine waking up one day knowing that by Monday morning you will have your dream website online & working for you!


WordPress Website in a Weekend

An efficient two-day web design process for busy women entrepreneurs to launch your professional website quickly and cost-effectively.

Perhaps you are launching a new business or blog, or maybe you’re changing the direction of your business. Or maybe having run your business for several years, you are ready to take your business to the next level.

But your website is creating a roadblock. The DIY is not going well, the designer that you are thinking of hiring is putting you on a six to eight-week waiting list.

Carley Jensen demo site
Example of what we can do in a day/weekend.

Traditional websites take eight to twelve weeks because a lot of time is taken going back and forth between designers and clients. For example, the designer presents a homepage concept and gives the client two to three days to review and provide feedback. The designer works on the concept some more and provides another few days for feedback. Final tweaks are made and the homepage concept is finally approved. Five to seven business days have just gone by with only a small part of the whole project having been accomplished!

The main reason the schedule gets thrown off is caused by the delay of feedback or receiving the copy, images, and other necessary requirements.

These delays create frustration for both designers & clients.

Now imagine when we start a project with full preparedness, and we set aside a full weekend dedicated to ONLY you.

We will work together during the weekend, taking that daunting feeling away by having your website designed for you.

No distraction from other clients or projects during the weekend. You will be able to see your website happening in front of your eyes and walk away with a beautiful website by Monday morning.

Our process is simple and by eliminating the lengthy back and forth between you and us, we can make it more cost -effective, not to mention we can cut the time of the build – and this is why we can offer more affordable websites in a fraction of the time!

It’s you + us, with no distractions. You walk away with tangible results; we walk away feeling accomplished; a total #win-win!

Why do clients like WordPress Website in a Weekend?

You'll love how fast it is and see how your website takes shapes before your eyes

No more waiting for weeks to launch your website

You'll love being part of each stage of the process, from the strategy call through to having your very own client portal that leads you step-by-step through the whole process, so you know exactly what we need for each section of your website.

You are clear with your objectives, your ideal clients, and how to speak to them

Everything is transparent. You know the minimum viable product that you will get and if we finish it before the weekend is over, we can do more.

No more scope creep fee and timeline creep. You know exactly upfront about the cost and the timeline.

and yes!

It is super exciting to start the weekend with nothing and end the weekend with a website that is ready to launch.

Website Design Intensive is ideal for service-based businesses such as:

Course Creators
Course Creators
Coaches & Consulting
Coaches & Consultants

What can we accomplish in a weekend?

All of our websites includes a mobile responsive website and are SEO ready.

Responsive Website
One Day

Brochure Website

4 - 5 page WordPress website in one day. Text logo or you provide.

Investment: from $1350

Branding + Website
Two Days

Simple Branding + Brochure Website

Simple logo suite, colors & font selections, icons/illustrations, mini logo style guide and up to 6 page of website design

Investment: from $2250

Membership or eLearning
Two Days

Brand Identity System

Brand Strategy Workshop + Brand Identity + Brand Collateral (2-3 days)

Investment: from $2700


When you book a day or weekend with us you are booking our time, not a set of deliverables.

Typical completion of the website in a day/weekend will depend on the website scope, feedback, and revisions you request as we go through the day/weekend. As you book us for a day/weekend, there is no limitation on how many changes you request within our time limit. If additional time may be required, we will discuss your options as we go through the day.

We work through your needs in order, setting out the strategy, making the framework first and then tackling the design from the top down (or the trickiest!).

For the whole day/weekend, our sole focus is launching your project!

Includes these bonuses:

Branding Strategy

Branding Mini-Course

Free Branding Mini-Course to help getting clarity on your brand identity (logo, colors, etc.).

(WORTH $197)

Content Planner

Website Content Planner

Hassle free and step-by-step guidance to collect and write your content.

(WORTH $99)

Strategy Call

Strategy Call

FREE 60-minute strategy call to ensure that you end up with a branding or website that really does wow! (2 hours for Membership / eLearning package)

(WORTH $75+)

Post-Launch Support

Post-Launch Fixes

Additional time after launch for design fixes and tweaks. (One hour for websites; Two hours for Membership / eLearning)

(WORTH $75+)

Content Planner

Visual Manuals

Training videos to help you with your WordPress site, Google Analytics, and the Page Builder. Unlimited access from within your website.

(WORTH $197)

Strategy Call

Post-Lauch Support

30-day post-intensive email & message support to ensure you are comfortable with your site. During this time, we will also keep your platform & software up to date.

(WORTH $375)

How Does it Work?

Book Your Date

Choose a date and pay to secure your slot to have your website created. Please allow at least 2 weeks to prepare your content to ensure everything is ready to go on your chosen date.

Get Prepared

We will send you your preparation guide and content planner for you to upload before your booked date. Since you’ve already collected all your web content, we will get straight into the design work right away,

Website Building Date

Here’s where you get to see your website unfolding before your eyes. The whole day is dedicated to you and your website only. 

Post Launch

Email support will be provided for the next 30 days. You will also have all the documentation you need to get started at your fingertips.

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