Branding is more than just a logo, fonts, and colors. Design Synergy Studio will work with you in developing a branding strategy. Branding is what people think, feel, or experience when they come into contact with who you are. Your brand needs to be a reflection of your identity.


I will design a mobile-responsive website that is easy for you to manage and for your visitors to use. Optimized for speed and search-engine friendly, your site will be a pleasure to see and use.


Design Synergy wants your ideal customers to flock to your site. This begins with a solid list-building strategy that takes visitors from just browsers to prospects to raving customers.


Despite what you may have heard, email marketing is still the most effective way to gain and keep visitors. Design Synergy Studio can help you craft campaigns for each step of the prospect journey.


Consistency across all platforms is important. Design Synergy Studio can help you achieve this through branding. I can also provide tools and resources to help you manage your time more efficiently.


Getting found in the search engines is a top priority for all businesses. Design Synergy Studio will audit your current site and make recommendations to improve your rankings, focusing on local search results (if applicable).

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